Hi! I’m Carla, a senior marketer and research alchemist who transforms data and insights into golden opportunities. I enthusiastically build relationships so that I can create and execute on strategies to help consumers fall and stay in love with your product.

In my spare time, I run around with my kids seeing punk shows, am married to this great guy, imbibe with Ladies Advocating Respectable Cocktails, enjoy movies at least twice a month, read and rate books, and constantly socialize. I like to nerd out and optimize even my personal life – so spreadsheets are not just for work anymore. Several side projects include a neglected blog (www.immortaldatingservice.com), advising and working with stealth startups. More frivolities and finery here. Past and future speaking appearances enumerated here.

City dwelling naiad. Instigator of social interactions. Detective of life and living. Mentally stimulated. A joy to be around. She/Her.