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Soft Launching a New Job & a Tiny Letter from Me!

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I’m excited to announce I’ve joined Patreon as their Head of Marketing. It’s an amazing company and this opportunity is nothing short of a dream! One of my goals in looking for a new role was to find a place that was as mission-driven as Nima and one where I had a deep personal connection…. Read more »

Carla on the Road: 2016 Edition

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Hey good folks, I’ll be on the road again this year! I’ve got various trade shows and events with team Nima. We have a blast going around the country talking to folks and getting the chance to hear people’s stories first hand. I’ll also be doing a mentor session at SXSW 2016 on Monday, March 13th…. Read more »

SXSW Music 2015

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Every year I’ve attended SXSW music, I’ve produced a list of my favorite shows in some sort of rank order. This year, it was evident that shows flowed more into categories than into any nice list. My bias is to try and see smaller bands that may not come through San Francisco any time soon, and… Read more »

What I Get from Checking References

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Over the years as I’ve checked prospective employees’ professional references, the responses I’ve gotten have included delight and surprise. Why? The approach I take and the way I pose questions to those providing references seems to be a bit different from the norm. My queries get to a valuable place and provide really good perspective… Read more »

Personal Food Identity

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Ever since starting at 6SensorLabs, I’ve been thinking a lot about food, specifically about how often people simply can’t eat certain foods. This thinking has also brought to the forefront how much food & identity are intertwined. So, I wanted to expand a bit on the short food identity I wrote about in my bio…. Read more »