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Modern Etiquette Questions

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Today I got an IM from Jeff asking me if I knew the best way to address a formal wedding invitation to a married lesbian couple. Each woman has a separate surname. There seemed to be multiple courses of action, all of which had valid reasoning. It seemed best to solicit some additional feedback from… Read more »


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When we got married last year, Jeff and I decided that we wanted two main types of gifts – something  permanent or something consumable (er, booze). We were inspired by other friends who had requested art and began looking around for what might be appropriate. One of my childhood friends, John Mobilio, has become a… Read more »

SXSW Music: 2009

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There’s more musing to be done on SXSWi, so be on the lookout for this. As in years past (2007, 2008), here’s a complete list of all the shows I saw last week, and the top 10 shows of the week. I had the pleasure of spending the week seeing bands I’ve wanted to see… Read more »

SXSW is almost here…

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I’m getting super excited about South by Southwest, which starts next week. There’s a ton of great panels, interesting speakers, and excellent opportunities to socialize and be entertained. The panel I’m on, Developing Super Senses:  Tools to Know Your Users, will be on Monday, March 16th, at 5pm in Hilton Room C. It’s been delightful… Read more »

Seven Things You Never Knew


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Normally, an email chain letter will arrive, only to be mercilessly hit by the delete button. Often the same happens with certain memes. However, sometimes one comes along which gives one time to reflect and to share. Recently, the lovely Juliette Melton tagged me recently and her twist on the meme allowed me time to… Read more »