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I love to read…and it shows

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I have worked with Civic Science for many years and from time to time actually get my hands on some of their data. As an avid reader, earlier this year I asked them to send me over some stats on heavy readers. You can read what I wrote about people like me who love to… Read more »

SXSW 2014 Music Wrap Up

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I realized I haven’t even done a wrap up for 2013, but that’s because an error in judgment led me to thinking that leaving early (Thursday) was a good idea. Wrong! So in 2014, back to music at SXSW, but minus Saturday night. Sorry, but by Saturday all the bands are ragged out from playing… Read more »

Summer Reading

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I’ve put together a short list over at Ethnography Matters for my summer reading. Between this list and Grace’s 32 books before school starts in August, it’s a busy summer of books. Yes, I promised my daughters I would read all their summer reading too. In the past week I finished both The Disappearing Spoon… Read more »

Modern Etiquette Questions

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Today I got an IM from Jeff asking me if I knew the best way to address a formal wedding invitation to a married lesbian couple. Each woman has a separate surname. There seemed to be multiple courses of action, all of which had valid reasoning. It seemed best to solicit some additional feedback from… Read more »