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How is it mid-April already aka Carla’s life changes

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Whew! 2013 has certainly started off with a bang, so many new things happening and so many good ones, too! March was a typical swirl of prep and attendance at SXSW. For those of you who participated in our panel on BS business talk, the notes are at This will take you to a… Read more »

Fieldwork War Story: A Dirty Diaper


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I wrote a post over at Steve Portigal’s War Stories about an experience I had doing some fieldwork. I spend a lot of time in people’s home (just this week, I got to visit some folks in LA). This serves as a constant reminder of the life of privilege that I possess. This story is… Read more »

Highly Personalized Advertising

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I really dislike it when people tell me that they hate advertising. No, what they hate is poorly targeted and irrelevant advertising. Today I got a highly targeted & personalized message. It’s also social media done oh-so-right. Over the Fourth of July weekend, I was in Austin. We were staying on the East Side and… Read more »

Why Daddy Won’t Join Twitter

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My lovely 75 year old father was asked to join Twitter by one of his oldest and dearest friends. This was his response: Some folks just love to sit and twitter… It makes their hearts go patter-pitter… It makes their eyes go all aglitter, But I will hope you won’t be bitter If I am… Read more »

if you’ve ever wondered how …

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if you've ever wondered how "safe" a cosmetic product is, this site gives you the complete breakdown on ingredients, and scores items on a 1-10 scale. search isn't fantastic, but will make me change some of the products i currently use.… Read and post comments | Send to a friend