I’m a senior leader and research alchemist who transforms key insights into golden opportunities for companies.  I’m terrific at taking a broader vision, filtering it through a customer-focused lens, and guiding an organization to the right products and marketing programs to fulfil these opportunities. Internally and externally, I build deep relationships enabling me to ensure there’s fruitful debate, internal buy-in, and yes, joy to ideate and execute on these programs. I tend to work best in organizations where there’s a strong vision for the future and I can work alongside the most senior leaders on large, meaty, and thoughtful questions to bring new ideas to market. I prefer products where the company and customer base are willing to dialog, creating strong community and brand cohesion. At the end of the day, my desire is that every company I work for has customers who don’t just fall in love with these innovative products and services, but stay in love with them for a long long time. I also fully believe it’s critical to measure against goals, monitor budgets, and build and foster amazing teams in order to achieve and sustain this desire. 

Where have I done this? With over 20 year experience, I have worked across marketing, consumer insights, analytics and community roles for large brands, such as AOL, Ask.com, and Patreon as well as nascent companies in specialized markets such as Nima and Imatchative. 

And, at the end of the day, I believe meals shared and a well-crafted cocktail can save your soul. So let’s chat.

My zones of genius:

  • I love solving puzzles, finding the right piece that unlocks future business outcomes through a profound investment in consumer insights. With deep insights and data, I can rile up a team with strategic possibilities, level-set them with sobering results, or provide guidance on really tactical work.
  • I galvanize the A+ employees I hire to excel professionally and personally. They don’t just tick the box, under my leadership, they fulfill their aspirations by advancing company goals. 
  • I get teams to focus on powerful data-informed decision-making. I love to hone OKRs and KPIs, so that teams are truly focused on what matters — and know how they’re performing.
  • I bring brands to life to engage customers and drive them to action whether that’s at an event, in an ad, or in post shared across the digital landscape. It’s magical to help whole teams internalize the core brand – and then to ensure everyone envisions bringing it to life across the entire customer journey.