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Summer Reading

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I’ve put together a short list over at Ethnography Matters for my summer reading. Between this list and Grace’s 32 books before school starts in August, it’s a busy summer of books. Yes, I promised my daughters I would read all their summer reading too. In the past week I finished both The Disappearing Spoon… Read more »

Salon97 – Having fun with classical music

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I wanted to announce that Salon97 has seen fit to appoint me as a member of its advisory board. This organization, dedicated to making classical music accessible to the other 97% of us, had its 2 year anniversary this past weekend. There’s a wonderful write up by Chloe Veltman. Founder Cariwyl Hebert also announced quite… Read more »

Side Projects: Ladies Advocating Respectable Cocktails & SpaceMonkeyLit

It seems that I’m cultivating a lot of little side projects and monthly events tailored around socializing. One of these is a group of amazing women who meet up to discuss life, tough life questions and enjoy wonderful meals in our homes. This is called the Comfort Food Club, started by Tara Hunt and Rachel… Read more »

Reminders of SXSW

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I got a lovely email from Paul Terry Walhus today, asking about the SXSW Charter project, and reminding me of the lovely video he made after our How to Rawk SXSW Panel earlier this year. CC Chapman, Kevin Smokler, David Dylan Thomas and I talked about how to keep the inspiration going after the always… Read more »

Side Projects


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My creative juices seem to have been flowing recently, or maybe it’s just excessive conversations with a wide variety of friends, co-workers, former colleagues & family members. A lot of encouragement to dive into side projects — including an invite to help with BarSleepawayCamp, push further on Immortal Dating Service, and energy for PopSkipJump. This,… Read more »