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SXSW Panel Wrap Up: Resumes & Profiles


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Our team had a great panel discussion last Monday, March 12th at SXSWi. We spent a lot of time digging into the topic in advance and prepared for a session with a little bit of advice and lots of examples. After spending time pouring over our own resumes and profiles, we came up with a… Read more »

Talking about iPad UX Testing in June!

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I’ve been invited to speak at the Annual MRA Conference on testing iPad applications. This takes place in June in Washington, D.C., so let me know if you’ll be there — I’m speaking Tuesday morning at 11am. The talk will focus on the iPad testing we’ve been doing at AOL for a particular app that… Read more »

Reminders of SXSW

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I got a lovely email from Paul Terry Walhus today, asking about the SXSW Charter project, and reminding me of the lovely video he made after our How to Rawk SXSW Panel earlier this year. CC Chapman, Kevin Smokler, David Dylan Thomas and I talked about how to keep the inspiration going after the always… Read more »

Travel, Travel, More Travel

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This fall will be all about travel, some of it for work, some of it for play.  If I am coming to a city near you, hopefully we can get together and catch up. If you’re one of my San Franciscan friends, please be patient, I want to socialize with you too! Recently, I went… Read more »