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What I Get from Checking References

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Over the years as I’ve checked prospective employees’ professional references, the responses I’ve gotten have included delight and surprise. Why? The approach I take and the way I pose questions to those providing references seems to be a bit different from the norm. My queries get to a valuable place and provide really good perspective… Read more »

Summer Reading

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I’ve put together a short list over at Ethnography Matters for my summer reading. Between this list and Grace’s 32 books before school starts in August, it’s a busy summer of books. Yes, I promised my daughters I would read all their summer reading too. In the past week I finished both The Disappearing Spoon… Read more »

Modern Etiquette Questions

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Today I got an IM from Jeff asking me if I knew the best way to address a formal wedding invitation to a married lesbian couple. Each woman has a separate surname. There seemed to be multiple courses of action, all of which had valid reasoning. It seemed best to solicit some additional feedback from… Read more »


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When we got married last year, Jeff and I decided that we wanted two main types of gifts – something  permanent or something consumable (er, booze). We were inspired by other friends who had requested art and began looking around for what might be appropriate. One of my childhood friends, John Mobilio, has become a… Read more »