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SXSW Music 2012 Wrap Up

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Every year I go to SXSW Music, I keep a handwritten notebook alongside me to take notes of each show I see. This year I managed to see 39 bands, 2 movies and help a friend with a brand new baby during music. I try to rank shows in the top 10 order, but this… Read more »

Diffords Guide to Seattle Bars

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Diffords Guide to Seattle Bars I’m thrilled that in a week and a half, I’ll be in Seattle and have the opportunity to sample some beverages at one or two of these fine establishments. Zig Zag Cafe is probably my top choice. The menu looks amazing with drinks made on a variety of spirits. Be… Read more »

Travel, Travel, More Travel

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This fall will be all about travel, some of it for work, some of it for play.  If I am coming to a city near you, hopefully we can get together and catch up. If you’re one of my San Franciscan friends, please be patient, I want to socialize with you too! Recently, I went… Read more »