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What I Get from Checking References

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Over the years as I’ve checked prospective employees’ professional references, the responses I’ve gotten have included delight and surprise. Why? The approach I take and the way I pose questions to those providing references seems to be a bit different from the norm. My queries get to a valuable place and provide really good perspective… Read more »

Personal Food Identity

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Ever since starting at 6SensorLabs, I’ve been thinking a lot about food, specifically about how often people simply can’t eat certain foods. This thinking has also brought to the forefront how much food & identity are intertwined. So, I wanted to expand a bit on the short food identity I wrote about in my bio…. Read more »

Fieldwork War Story: A Dirty Diaper


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I wrote a post over at Steve Portigal’s War Stories about an experience I had doing some fieldwork. I spend a lot of time in people’s home (just this week, I got to visit some folks in LA). This serves as a constant reminder of the life of privilege that I possess. This story is… Read more »